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 Cheap My Trip Aviation Ltd. Travels Service is one of the nation's leading airline ticket wholesaler. Established in 2008 in Bangladesh. we are proud that you have made us "Your Global Partner" for more than 10 years. At Cheap My Trip Aviation Ltd, we assist professional travel agents, home-based agents, and travel consortiums.

Our headquarters is in New York, and our branch offices are strategically located to allow us to offer maximum assistance to our customers. We have satellite offices in New York In addition, we have international offices in Toronto, Canada, Dhaka, Bangladesh, London, UK, Sydney, Australia, Singapore and Bangalore, India.

We offer net fares with more than 99 major airlines. We negotiate our net fares directly with the airline to provide discounts of up to 7%-25% off of retail prices. There are no commission caps on our net fares, allowing you to determine your desired markup. Cheap My Trip Aviation Ltd. also offers high commissions on published fares to most international destinations. We offer net and commission fares in coach, business and first class. Tickets are issued at no cost, without hidden fees or surcharges.

In addition to net and commission fares from the US, we offer additional discounted Round the World packages, group fares, and tours as well as fares originating outside of North America.

Do you have ten or more passengers? We are ready to assist with travel arrangements for them. The trained travel specialists in our group department can design complex multi-destination itineraries, and our extensive contacts mean we can bargain for lower group fares.


We are a technologically advanced travel wholesaler and our IT department works around the clock to ensure quality service. Our custom-built online booking engine offers fast, streamlined searches of all our net and commission fares. You can book tickets for your passengers while they wait with our advanced, agents-only services.

For those with more travel experience, we offer Free of cost B2B agent Login so even small agencies can receive one of the leading B2B web travels portal booking Engine. There are many advantages for agents operating with a booking engine, including expanded availability and fare searches, bridging our system with yours for booking and pricing, and transferring PNRs for ticketing. This feature includes our in-house quality control software that verifies time limits, class of service booked for reservations, schedule changes, waitlists and more. The spirit of technological innovation continued throughout the years has empowered our agents to improve their sales potential.

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