Visa Processing Agency in Bangladesh

If you know about visa processing, you can tell that it’s not the easiest task in the world. In most cases, people have to go through a lot of hassle and do so many efforts to get a Visa.

But a visa processing agency can save you from all that trouble and excessive effort. In Bangladesh, there are so many different visa processing agencies that you can find.

But you can probably tell that not all of them share the same visa processing system, and that’s why their service can vary from one to another. So, it’s actually very important for you to get services from a well-reputed service.

That’s going to ensure that you get the best service possible, and it also eliminates the chances of getting scammed. If you are familiar with the visa processing agency industry, you already know that it’s full of scammers.

So, you must be careful choosing the right agency, otherwise, you are more likely to get scammed.

A good agency will provide you with all the help you need in the visa processing center, which can be very frustrating for a lot of people.

That also helps to reduce the overall Visa processing time in bd, and that’s pretty amazing. The main purpose of a visa processing agency is to make the whole thing easier for you so that you don’t have to deal with the overwhelming procedures that can get you confused.

Another vital thing to see in an agency is the Visa processing time in Bangladesh. That can tell if getting services from that agency is good or it’s not worthwhile. Also, you must see what type of visa service that they provide as there are so many different types of visas that you can get for yourself.

For instance, a student visa is very different from a working visa, and so is a tourist visa. You have to have a clear idea of that before you move onto hiring services from such agencies.

If you don’t have any idea about what you’re working with, you can consult with the agency and they’ll make everything clear for you.

The pricing is another critical issue that you need to deal with before hiring a service. That’s going to differ from agency to agency, and you need to make a good comparison to know which one is going to give you the best value for your money.

A well-reputed agency often charges more than the most affordable service, and that should be pretty obvious. You never want to sacrifice the quality for the money as it’s one of the worst strategies to follow.

Now, you see that there are so many different visa processing services in Bangladesh, and that can be a bit tricky to choose one from all of these. Make sure to look for all the things that you

saw above, and that’s going to give you a pretty good agency that you can get the best value from without any doubt.

Choose from a trusted source that gives the best service to the customers. Also, check their support team and see how they help to give you the best experience.

A good visa processing agency support team should give you the best 24/7 service that you crave. Also, you don’t want

to spend too much on the visa processing service that the agency provides. Check everything beforehand and that’s going to ensure that you don’t regret any action afterward.

Always go for the best services that you can get, and that’s going to ensure that you have the most hassle-free experience.

Also, make sure to check the processing time as well when you are picking an agency to work with and go for the one that’s fast at it. If you follow these strategies correctly, you’ll get the best visa processing agency in Bangladesh in no time.

Importance of visa

If you are someone who loves to travel across the globe, the importance of a visa can’t be described in words for you. It lets you travel to a foreign country, which is going to be illegal if you don’t hold a visa for that particular country.

However, this rule has exceptions based on the country you are dealing with as each country has its different sets of laws. But overall, a visa is a must for any tourist, and there is no way around it.

Most of the countries across the globe require a visa to enter the country. Some of the countries offer to stay in there or exit the country using the visa, which is pretty critical in that situation.

Yet, that doesn’t make getting your hands on a visa any easier.

You actually have to go through a lot of hassle to get a legal visa in most cases. That’s why most people love to choose visa processing agencies as they can take away all the efforts and hassle from their customers and make their life so much easier.

The best part is that they don’t even cost that much compared to the great service that they provide. They do make it super easy to get your hands on a visa that you want, which is very useful.

However, whether you use a visa processing agency or do it all by yourself, you must get a visa to visit all the countries that you want to visit. That’s an important process, which is going to have a huge impact on the whole thing.

You’d find some country that is a visa-free country, but they are quite rare. And most of the country you know about requires a visa to enter, or stay there as well. So, if you love to travel, having a visa is super critical for you.

If you don’t have a visa, then you can’t visit the countries. Taking any other way would be illegal, and you never want to do that.

So, whether you get help from a visa processing agency or do it all by yourself, make sure to get your hands on a visa to avoid any restrictions and be able to travel the county that you want.

And that way you can get the riches to experience possible with the visa that you have, and that’s the whole point for doing all that.

visa processing time in Bangladesh:

Different types of visas are going to take a different amount of time to be ready. Let’s take a look at the different visas and how much time they each need.

1. f4 visa processing time

If you know about f4 visas, you know that they take super long to process. It typically takes 1 to 10 years for f4 visa processing time in Bangladesh. However, that depends on a few factors, of course, and the time can vary for each person because of that.

Yet, these visas are issued pretty widely, and that’s why the f4 visa processing time in bd is pretty long as well. But you can expect to get your visa around 1 to 10 years, which is the average estimation.

2. 489 visa processing time

For 489 visas, you are more likely to get it done within 8 months or so. The 489 visa processing time in Bangladesh is much quicker than the f4 visa processing. However, you need to remember that you are going to have 60 days to apply once you are invited.

And then, it might take around 8 months to finish up the 489 visa processing time in bd. However, that also can vary from person to person, and you should not panic at a bit of delay.

3. cic visa processing time

If you apply for a cic visa online, you are going to get a great advantage. That’s because cic visa processing time in Bangladesh is pretty lower than the paper application.

You are going to get your visa within 99 days. However, if you apply for the visa with papers, it’s going to take 117 days for cic visa processing time in bd, which is a bit delayed compared to the other option. So, getting it online is actually a far better and efficient way to get the visa faster and without much effort.

4. Indian visa processing time

Luckily, Indian visa processing in Bangladesh is pretty fast, and you won’t have to do a lot of effort to get it as well. You can get your hands on an Indian visa within 3 days of application, and that’s an average statement.

There are a lot of other factors that can impact Indian visa processing in bd and make it faster or even slower. So, you should not be worried if you don’t get the visa immediately and it delays a day or two.

5. US visa processing time

The US visa processing time in Bangladesh is around 60 days, and that’s the average. You must remember that the clarity of your documents is going to have a big impact on the processing time of the US visa for you.

So, make sure that you got those submitted properly before you do anything else as it’s going to determine the US visa processing time in bd.

6. UK visa processing time

The UK is another country that takes a bit longer to process the visa. The UK visa processing time in Bangladesh is around 3 months, and you can tell that it’s not a fixed number. You can have it quicker or slower, which depends on a lot of things. However, if you’ve submitted

everything correctly, 3 months will be enough for UK visa processing time in bd. And make sure to familiarize yourself with the procedures as it’s going to help you in near the future.

7. Dubai visa processing time

You should know that getting a Dubai visa from Bangladesh is very fast and convenient. The Dubai visa processing time in Bangladesh is around 3 to 4 working days, which is pretty impressive.

Also, you need to know that these visas are valid for 60 days in general, except for some exceptions, of course. However, the Dubai visa processing time in bd is only 3 to 4 days, and that’s truly amazing.

8. Malaysia visa processing time

Malaysia is a pretty common country among Bangladeshi tourists, and it’s a great place to visit at least once in a lifetime. The Malaysia visa processing time in Bangladesh is around 6 working days, and that’s pretty impressive as well.

That’s very less than most other country visas that take so much time and effort to get. You can get the best Malaysia visa processing time in bd, which is only 6 days or so.

9. Thailand visa processing time

If you want a Thailand visa from Bangladesh, the time is going to vary according to the place that you are at, and that’s pretty good. The Thailand visa processing time in Bangladesh takes about 4 to 7 days, again, that depends on the place that you live.

Typically, the Thailand visa processing time in bd is around 4 days, which is pretty amazing if you think about how fast it is.

Types of Visa

There are so many different types of visas that you can get for yourself, but you need to have an idea of which one is a suitable one for you. To help you with that, let’s go over the different types of visas and help you learn a bit more about these visas.

Travel Visa

This one is pretty obvious, and you can tell that it’s for a tourist who loves to travel across the world. These visas allow you to get into a country, stay there, and exit as well, which will be illegal for most of the countries if you don’t have a visa.

A travel visa is also one of the most common types of visas that you can find out there, and hundreds of people apply for a travel visa daily. You can get it without that much hassle compared to all the other kinds of visas such as business visas or such visas.

Student Visa

Another most commonly used visa is the student visa, and you probably know about it already. If you’d like to study abroad, you need to get a student visa to do that. That’s going to give you access to the foreign county education institution and you’ll be able to get admitted there. However, you need to know that there’s a limitation in the student visa, and you can’t do a few things. The working hours will be pretty restricted and you can’t necessarily stay there for a long period. So, that’s something to keep in mind as well when you are dealing with it.

Business Visa

A business visa gives you temporary access to a particular foreign country that you choose for doing business. If you’d like to go on a tour to a foreign country to do business-related stuff, this visa is perfect for you.

However, it takes a lengthy process to finish up processing, and it can take somewhere between 15 to 22 months to sum up the processing. That’s why you need to plan ahead everything beforehand, and that’s going to save you from ruining your work.

Working Visa

This is another common visa that you see a lot of people getting these days. This visa allows you to go to a foreign country to work and earn money.

People usually move to top-tier counties to work there and they get a working visa for that. It can take somewhere between 2 to 7 months to finish up the processing of the visa, and that can vary from person to person.

These are actually the mostly seen visa types that you should know. There are a lot of different visas such as employment visas, NGO visas, and vice versa.

All of these have their own characteristics that you should take a look into before choosing the right one for you. The best way to go would be to consult with a professional visa processing agency, and they’ll guide you through the process.

Requirements to apply for a visa: visa processing information

As you probably know, you’ll need to have some documents to get yourself a visa, and that’s not optional. You must have the right papers to be able to submit the application properly so that it gets approved.

There are only two types of the application form you should know about, online application form and at the visa application center. Let’s check out everything you need to know about the requirements of each category so that you can have a clear understanding of it.


There are actually not a lot of things you need to complete the online application form, which makes it quite easy for you. You’ll need to have the passport file, which you are going to submit in the application. That’s going to be the primary requirement of the whole procedure.

Then you’d have to submit a JPEG picture of yours that is in size of 300 kb or less; however, you should know that submitting a picture is optional. You would also need to put your address line for the application form as well. And finally, you’ll need to put the email address that you use the most, and these are the main requirements of an online application form for a visa.

To put these in place, you need to have a decent computer with an internet connection. And that also should have the latest internet browser, which will make sure to keep out any bugs. Also, make sure to use an active email as there would be confirmation checking after submitting the application.

Once you’ve got all that in place you can start filling up the online visa application form from that place. After you are done with it, print the completed form out, and that’s going to be the form you’ll need afterward.

You’ll need to take it to the nearest visa office along with the payment and other documents that are required there, and they can take it from here. If you are thinking about getting a visa for yourself, you can see that the online application form method is actually very convenient to use.

You should definitely go for it, and it’s going to make the process so much easier for you to go through.


Now that you know all the requirements of the online visa application form, let’s go over what you’ll need for the visa application center. That will help you get more organized with everything including your files and documentations.

First of all, you’ll need to have a printout copy of the email confirmation for the invitation. You are going to receive that once you book an appointment. Then, you’ll need to have a valid passport, which is pretty obvious as it’s the #1 requirement for a visa.

You have to make sure that there are at least 2 pages blank on both sides, and that’s a very important thing to do. After that, you’ll need to have the printout of the online application form that you did and submit it there.

Once you’ve got these in place, you’ll have to get all the supporting documents as well, such as a utility bill copy, or birth certificate, the National ID card, and so on. That’s going to be essential and that’ll prove that you are a citizen of this country.

That should be all you need to bring to the visa application center, and it’s going to get you through the procedures easily. However, if you’ve ordered any special services, make sure to have a copy of the receipt as well, and that’s very critical to remember.

That’s going to be everything you need to know about the requirements of the visa for both online applications and at the visa application center. Make sure to go through the guide again if you have any confusion over anything to clear it out.

Visa processing system

Visa processing is not the simplest thing to explain in a few words as there’s just a lot going on there. However, if you want to have a better understanding of the whole thing, go over the step by step process system explanation down below. It’s going to help you get the concept clear and you’ll have a much better understanding of the whole thing after reading through it. .

Sending the Application and Fees to the National Visa Center

The first step to the visa processing system is obviously sending the application and the fees to the national visa center, which should be pretty obvious. That’s going to set everything up and get your application in process.

And if the process is successful and they find no error, you are going to get a visa. But there are a few steps to that which you should know about. Let’s look at the next step after you successfully send the application.

Prepare for the Visa Interview

At this stage, you’d have to prepare for the visa interview, which requires some medical checkups and going through some other stuff as well. This is where you are preparing yourself to be ready for the interview that’s coming.

Also, you need to schedule it and follow the

pre-interview instructions if you need to. Make sure all the paperwork is correct, and recheck everything before moving onto the next step, which is the visa interview.

Attending the Visa Interview

Now, it’s time to attend the visa interview, and it’s actually the second to last step in the visa processing system. This usually takes anywhere between 10 minutes or even 2 hours in rare cases, which of course, is not likely to happen in your case.

The visa interview is actually held to verify your documents and the information you give face to face. There is nothing else you need to worry about in that step, and it’s just a verification interview. If there’s no fault in your papers, then you won’t face any issue at all, and you’ll be done in a matter of minutes.

However, if you face any difficulties, it might take a while to get to the bottom of this and finish up the whole thing.

After the Visa Interview

This is the last phase of the visa processing system, and it has 2 outcomes. In one case, you’ll be approved to get a visa if they find that everything is as it should be.

In another case, they’d go for administrative processing or ask for further evidence, which means that it’s going to take a bit more time for you to get the visa.

However, in most cases, you’ll be approved without even an issue, and that’s going to be the end of the story there.

But if you are not able to get a visa for requesting administrative processing or ask for further evidence, then there’s nothing you can do other than waiting for them to finish up their process.

That was everything you need to know about the visa processing system, which was only a basic overview of the whole thing. You need to remember that it can be different for each type of visa and the country you choose.

That’s because they all have different requirements and laws, which impacts the whole visa processing system.

As you saw, it’s a pretty complicated process to go through all by yourself. That’s why you need to take services from a visa processing agency, and it’ll make your life so much easier. You won’t have to deal with any of that hassle, which is super helpful.

However, you must select a well-reputed agency if you don’t want to get scammed, and Jetlia Travels is undoubtedly the

best pick for you in that case. You can get the best services for your money from us, and we’ll be more than happy to deliver our best for you.

Why Jetlia Travels Agency is best for visa processing in Bangladesh?

Jetila Travels agency is undoubtedly the best for visa processing in Bangladesh. We provide everything you need to get the most hassle-free experience, and we are the most trusted service provider in the entire Bangladesh.

We know how hard it actually is to get your hands on a visa, and it usually takes a lot of effort to do that. Your satisfaction is the #1 one priority for us, and we make sure that you are satisfied with our services throughout the entire time.

Also, our rates are super reasonable, unlike most other agencies that you can find out there. We are a team of experts that help you to choose the best type of plan for your visa, and we stick through the entire visa processing phase to make it super easy for you.

As it’s a pretty complicated procedure, we take all the complications out of it and make it simple for you to follow through. That way, you can get the best results without having to deal with all those confusing terms and conditions.

Also, we take care of the paperwork for you, and thus, everything becomes easier. You don’t have to go through excessive waiting and other annoying formalities.

If you’ve done some research on the visa processing agencies in Bangladesh, you might’ve seen that the marketplace is full of frauds who don’t do anything besides scamming you for your money. They’ll offer you a very cheap and super-fast deal, but you’ll never get it.

So, it’s very important to choose a reliable agency that’ll do the visa processing for you. And you can probably tell that we are the best in our field, and we can provide you the best visa processing service in the entire market.

As there are a lot of competitors, when you compare the quality of work and pricing, you’ll see that we are dominating all the other competitors by a huge gap. And that’s because earning money is not our main priority, and we are not here to play a short-term game.

We love to give our customers the best service that they could ever ask for, and we don’t charge anything crazy for it as well. You can’t find any agencies that’ll deliver such value for the incredible quality of service.

If you know about Jetlia Travels, you know that we have customers that totally love us. That’s not because we provide the cheapest quality service or the fastest possible delivery of your visa.

Rather, we try to do our best to satisfy you with our top-class services, and you are getting it all for a very reasonable price as well. That’s why our customers love us that much, and we are able to build a strong base in the market.

Another most critical thing you need to ensure is the trust issue, and that can be a real problem in some cases. You see, some of the agencies will not keep their words after closing you, and you won’t get the services that you expected from them.

This is very common in Bangladesh, and we are here to change that. We keep everything clean and transparent so that there is no space for confusion or frustration.

Jetila travels is not an agency that’s only good at making your trips perfect, but we also make the visa processing service super easier for you as well. We are the only agency that cares about our customers rather than going for maximum sales and marketing.

And that lets us easily beat any other agencies that you can find in Bangladesh, and we are proud of that.

So, if you want a visa processing service for yourself, you know where to get the best services from now. Just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to do it for you at the best price so that it’s a win-win situation for both ends.


Question 1: How long does the Visa processing take?

Answer: You can expect to get your visa in 3 to 5 weeks, which is only an average estimation. There are a lot of things that can impact this time, and you can’t get certain about a single time that’s going to be an accurate period.

However, if you do everything correctly and your documentation is perfect, it’s not going to take more than 3 to 5 weeks. But if it’s taking longer, you can always consult with the support to check if there’s any problem with your visa processing.

Question 2: How do I choose the right agency for processing my Visa?

Answer: Visa processing is a very tough job, and people have to go through a lot of hassle to get their hands on a Visa. So, it’s truly a great idea to take the help of agencies in that case that are going to make the whole process easier for you.

However, as there are so many agencies, you should trust the ones that have more reputation and trust with their clients. That’s going to ensure that you get the fastest and the best service that you crave.

Question 3: How long is a Visa valid for?

Answer: Once you get a visa, you’ll also get an expiration time of the Visa as well that tells you the time that you can use that. If the number hasn’t expired, you’ll be able to travel to the country without any problem.

However, if it expires, you’ll have to renew it to travel to the county; otherwise, it’ll be seen as illegal. So, make sure to get a closer look and remember the expiration date of your visa to make sure that it’s valid.

Question 4: What do I need to apply for a Visa?

Answer: The first thing you’ll need to have to get a Visa is a Passport. After that, you’ll need a passport-sized photoplay of yours which shows your full face clear and bright.

You’ll also need to have proof of residence, and that’s one of the primary documents you need for applying for a Visa. That can be your NID or some utility bill like electricity bill or water bill, which is pretty easy to get. Once you’ve got those documents near you, you can apply for a Visa without any issue.

Question 5: What is the Bangladesh tourist Visa?

Answer: It’s simply a single entry or a multiple entry Visa that lets you stay 60 days per entry, and you have to get it with some step by step procedures.

You’d have to get an application form from the Bangladesh Visa application, and then you are going to require submitting some papers at the designated Bangladesh Visa Application center for continuing the tourist visa application.

Now you should have a basic understanding of the Bangladesh tourist visa and the basic procedure to get one as well

Question 6: Can I pay the Visa fee with cash?

Answer: You’d have to pay the Visa fee with cash as no MasterCard is accepted in there. You can only pay with cash money, and there’s no way around it.

However, if you are taking help from a Visa-processing agency in Bangladesh, you should consult with them and see if there is any way around it. Yet, if you can, go with using cash as it’s a hassle-free way of doing it.

Also, make sure to spend some time understanding the extra charges as well.

Question 7: Once I applied for the Visa, what’s the next move for me?

Answer: Once you applied for VIsa, it’s time to wait and receive your Visa after approval. However, if you see an extensive delay, you must have a conversation with the support team to figure out what exactly is wrong in there.

That way, you can deal with the problem faster and won’t have to wait for super long. And if you are taking services from a visa processing agency in Dhaka, then you can just contact them, and they’ll solve the issue for you.

Question 8: What happens when the condition of the applicant’s passport doesn’t meet for the Visa?

Answer: If the condition of the applicant’s passport doesn’t meet for the Visa, then their application gets denied. In that case, you’d have to do everything from the beginning, and that can be very time costly.

However, if you are working with Visa Processing Services, you can certainly ask for their help in that case. Make sure that the information that you put there is correct, and the application meets the condition for the Visa. That way your Visa application won’t be declined, and you won’t have to deal with all the extra hassle.

Question 9: What documents do I need to present for getting my Visa?

Answer: First of all, you’ll need to have your passport ready that has up to 6 months validity, and that’s the primary piece of document. Then, you’ll need to have a passport-sized photograph of yours that has a full headshot that’s clear.

Also, you’ll need to have some utility bill papers to prove that you are a resident of the country; having the National Identity card is another option in that case. Once you have these, you are basically ready for getting your visa.

Question 10: What’s the importance of Visa for Bangladeshi people?

Answer: If you are a tourist, you need to get your hands on a visa if you want to visit different countries. That might not be necessary for the common people, but for a person that loves to travel across the globe, having the Visa is absolutely necessary.

If you are confused about anything, you can always look up visa processing information in bd to know how you can get yourself a visa. It’s going to be a great idea to take service from a well-reputed visa processing bd agency.

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